Adjusting your Mirrors

Adjusting your Mirrors

Using the correct techniques associated with being a defensive driver can keep you and your family safe while traveling. One of the basic components of being a great defensive driver is knowing how to use your outside mirrors to view what other motorists are doing around you. Here are some tips on how to adjust those mirrors properly:

Mirror Adjustment Tips:

  • Begin in your parked vehicle and place your head against the driver’s side window. Adjust your mirror so you can just see the side of the car.
  • To adjust the passenger side window, position your head in the middle of the vehicle. Have a friend help you adjust the outside mirror until you can just see the side of the vehicle.
  • These small adjustments will help ensure that your mirrors are positioned correctly and face outward enough to eliminate blind spots. When mirrors are adjusted properly, approaching vehicles should appear in the outside mirrors just before appearing in the rearview mirror. They should also appear in your peripheral vision before leaving the outside mirrors.

Now that your mirrors are adjusted properly, here are tips on how to change lanes properly:

  • Look in the rearview mirror for vehicles approaching from behind
  • Glance in each outside mirror to see if any vehicles are in your blind spot. If you can see the entire front of a vehicle in the rearview mirror and not any in the outside mirrors, it should be safe to change lanes.
  • Do not change lanes if a motorist is coming up to you at a high rate of speed