Preventing Scalds and Burns in Restaurants

Preventing Scalds and Burns in Restaurants

Burns caused by hot liquid or steam are one of the most common injuries in restaurants. A scald burn can be a serious, life altering injury causing intense pain and scarring. While oil heats to a higher temperature and can cause more severe injuries, scalds from water are also very frequent. Working with or around hot liquids or steam in a restaurant puts you at risk.

How Can I Prevent Burns?

Communication between coworkers and understanding as well as following workplace safety procedures are essential in preventing burn injuries. To reduce your risk of suffering a burn related injury, take the following precautions:

  • When transferring hot liquids, make sure the container is no more than half full and use a lid or splash guard.
  • When using a rolling car to transfer hot liquids, check to be sure the container is secure
  • Use extreme care when handling foods that have been microwaved; they can reach temperatures greater than boiling without bubbling
  • Keep floors clear of liquid and debris to minimize tripping and falling
  • When appropriate use hot pads, potholders, or proper gloves
  • Always wear slip resistant shoes
  • Follow all safety procedures when working with deep fryers

What to Do In Case of a Severe Burn?

In the case of a severe burn, as with any serious injury, call 911 and notify a supervisor. While you wait for emergency services, take the following steps:

  • Do not immerse large, severe burns in cold water, as it could cause shock
  • Do not drink anything
  • Elevate burned body parts above heart level, if possible
  • Cover with affected area with clean sheet or blanket