Restaurant Safety Tips for Restaurant Profitability

Restaurant Safety Tips for Restaurant Profitability

Playing It Safe: Restaurant Safety Hazards

Restaurant floors in the kitchen and dining areas pose slip, trip and fall hazards for employees and patrons. Many workers compensation and general liability insurance claims against restaurants and taverns come from slip & falls.

While these hazards are significant, many can be prevented by adhering to these safety tips.  A safe working and customer environment leads to a more profitable business.


In the kitchen:

  • Wear non-slip footwear
  • If you spill, clean it up immediately
  • Remove clutter from the kitchen that could be obstructing walkways
  • Never run in the kitchen
  • Avoid storing cooking oil on the floor as it may spill and become slippery
  • In areas near the kitchen sink, provide non slip floor mats


In the dining room:

  • Remove clutter from walkways
  • Straighten rugs and mats, and make sure they are always in place
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Place mats and signs so that patrons are aware of wet areas
  • While bussing tables, never carry more than you can handle
  • Make several trips for large loads


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For other Restaurant Safety Tips, see Preventing Scalds & Burns and Managing Restaurant Stress or; contact your agent for safety programs tailored to your business needs.