Auto Insights: Motorcycle Safety & Vehicle Thefts
June 20, 2023

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reminds drivers that safe motorcycle riding and driving habits can help save lives. 

The main contributing factors to motorcyclist fatalities in a crash are speeding and alcohol use. There are several ways motorcyclists can help ensure a safe ride:

  • Observe traffic laws, including speed limits. 
  • Wear high-visibility protective e gear, including DOT-compliant helmets. 
  • Avoid distractions while operating any motor vehicle. 
  • Ride and drive drug and alcohol-free. 

Look Twice Save a Life

Motorists must remember that motorcyclists have the same rights as any motor vehicle operator. However, they are typically smaller than vehicles, making them more vulnerable to injuries in an accident. Motorcyclists are statistically 27 times more likely to die in an accident than other motorists. 

Rider education and training can help contribute to increased safety for motorcyclists. Some insurers provide discounts for rider education course completion. Call your agent to review your auto and motorcycle insurance coverages and get more information about driver and rider education opportunities.


Vehicle Thefts On the Rise Nationwide

More than one million vehicles were stolen in the US in 2022 according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB). This is the first time since 2008 that vehicle thefts surpassed one million. 

A surge in Hyundai and Kia thefts not equipped with electronic immobilizers contributed to the increase in vehicle thefts. Some 2015-2019 models lack electronic immobilizers. 

If you drive an affected vehicle, contact your local dealer to learn more about available software fixes or anti-theft devices that could help lessen your chances of having your vehicle stolen. 

The NCIB recommends that drivers park in well-lit areas, lock their car doors and keep their windows rolled up. 

All drivers should review their auto insurance coverage to verify that it provides appropriate protection from the risks and liabilities you may face, including theft and vandalism. 


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