Home Matters – Digging on Your Property
March 7, 2024

Home Matters – Digging on Your Property

If you are considering digging into the ground on your property, put down that shovel. Under federal and state law, all homeowners and contractors are required to notify the appropriate utility companies before doing any excavation work. Keep reading to learn more about the standards for digging on your property. 

The Dig Safe System

To help you comply with property digging legislation, many utility companies have banded together to form the Dig Safe system. 

By contacting the program, you can fulfill both state and federal requirements for notification during any digging, trenching, blasting, demolishing, boring, backfilling, grading, landscaping or other similar projects on your property. 

When using the Dig Safe system, you and any hired contractors can avoid damaging underground utilities, ensure proper equipment usage and minimize the risk of injury during the project. 

Making a Request to Dig

You can simply visit the Dig Safe website or call 1-888-DIG-SAFE to request that a service person come to your property and mark the location of underground facilities. When you call, you will be given a permit number as a confirmation of your request. 

 It is wise to contact the program well in advance of when you plan to start the project to allow for ample time for them to come to your residence and mark the utilities.

Don’t Ditch the Rules When You Dig

Notifying the appropriate parties and marking utilities before beginning any earth-moving project is not only the law—it may also protect you from a potentially life-threatening accident on your property. With this in mind, be sure to follow all local, state and federal standards in place regarding digging on your property.

Further, remember to consult your insurance agent when you make changes to your property. Doing so will allow you to adjust your homeowners policy accordingly and maintain adequate coverage. After all, as your household evolves and changes, your insurance should follow suit.

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