Are you looking for reliable and affordable homeowner’s insurance in the Brookfield area? You have come to the right place. Midwest Insurance Group has been providing Southeastern Wisconsin with great homeowner’s insurance for nearly 20 years. We are happy to be in the business of protecting Brookfield’s homes and communities.

What makes a good home insurance plan? Including various policies, such as dwelling insurance and personal property coverage is important in ensuring that your plan will meet all of your needs. At Midwest Insurance Group, we make it easy for you to select policies for your plan. We can also help you manage your claims.

Choosing a good insurance plan involves working with a lot of information, but as a Midwest Insurance Group customer, you will find that the task is smooth and simple. That is because we take the job of providing excellent customer service very seriously. We are more than happy to lend our expertise to answer any questions you may have about your insurance plan.

We are equipped with plenty of resources to help you find great homeowner’s insurance, at the best rates. Whether you have made your home in Glen Echo, El Rancho Heights, Eble Park, Sunny Isle, Joyce Acres, or any of Brookfield’s other beautiful neighborhoods, you can depend upon Midwest Insurance Group to provide you and your family with the perfect home insurance plan for your needs.

Homeowner’s Insurance In Brookfield

Midwest Insurance Group offers a wide variety of homeowner’s insurance products. What kinds of policies are included in a good home insurance plan? Below are some of the policies that we can help you navigate. Learning about the elements that make up a solid homeowner’s insurance plan will help you to ensure that you and your loved ones receive the best protection possible.

Dwelling Coverage

Central to any good homeowner’s insurance plan is a solid dwelling coverage policy. Dwelling coverage is the part of your plan that covers expenses when your house or primary residence is damaged. In the event that your house gets damaged in a fire, a gas explosion, a storm, or any of a number of other covered incidents, your dwelling policy would help you pay for the repair costs.

Other Structures Coverage

Do you have any other structures on your property besides your house? Any outer buildings and structures beyond your primary residence fall under the category of “other structures.” These structures can also be protected by your insurance plan. The policy that covers them is called other structures coverage. So if, for example, a tornado damages your shed or garage, your other structures policy could help cover the costs. If your fence or mailbox are damaged or lost, they could be covered, too.

Personal Property Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance can also include protection for your personal property. This includes your furniture, appliances, valuables, and other belongings. Personal property coverage can ensure that if your belongings are stolen, damaged, or destroyed, you can be reimbursed. Reimbursement depends upon the cause of the damage or loss. Theft, fire, and natural disaster may be among the incidents that would be covered by your plan.

Loss of Use Coverage

Imagine you have spent a day at Fox Brook Park, riding paddle boats with your family. You get home to realize that someone forgot to turn off the oven, and your house is on fire. Your homeowner’s insurance plan would help cover the costs of repairs, but what about the costs of living in a hotel until the repairs were complete? If you include a loss of use coverage policy in your plan, you could be reimbursed for the money that you spend on temporary lodging and meals until repairs are complete on your home.

Liability Coverage

Suppose you are enjoying a fun summer birthday party in your backyard. One of your guests trips on a sprinkler and breaks their arm, necessitating a trip to the hospital. Having a liability coverage policy can make situations like this a little less stressful by taking care of expenses for which you are legally responsible. Liability coverage can be very helpful in Wisconsin, where icy winters can create slippery sidewalks and driveways.

Medical Payments Coverage

In the event that a house guest experiences a minor sickness or injury in your home, medical payments coverage can pay for the medical expenses. Medical payments coverage takes care of costs resulting from minor injuries, regardless of who is at fault. This policy is generally inexpensive, making it a great option for many homeowners.

Coverage Enhancements

Every homeowner has a unique set of insurance needs. If you have special concerns or circumstances regarding your homeowner’s insurance coverage, Midwest Insurance Group can include coverage enhancements to your plan. Perhaps you want to be extra certain that your collection of antique musical instruments is well insured. Midwest Insurance Group offers special floater insurance that can provide the protection you need. Perhaps you have experienced sump pump or sewer backups in the past and would like to ensure that you are protected from such issues in the future. We also offer special coverage to help pay those expenses.

In addition, our experienced and knowledgeable agents can help you include guaranteed replacement costs in your plan. This is a policy that can fully reimburse you in the event that home repairs exceed your coverage limit. If you are wondering about which coverage enhancements might be right for your homeowner’s insurance plan, you can always contact Midwest Insurance Group. We are happy to explain what enhancements are available and how they might benefit you.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an inexpensive type of insurance that can be added to your plan as an extra layer of protection against unforeseen expenses. If damage or injury costs exceed the amount covered by your home insurance policy, umbrella insurance can pay for the leftover amount. Many people enjoy the extra security that umbrella insurance provides.

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