Midwest Insurance Group (MIG) works with many auto repair shops throughout Wisconsin to understand the risks associated with your unique business. That’s the only way to offer products and advice to help you reduce those risks. Our responsive agents here know what they’re talking about when it comes to the auto services business and they are more than willing to share that knowledge with you. In fact, MIG staff members have even been chosen by carriers to help put together insurance programs for auto repair services.

Errors and Omissions

The fact is that you probably could benefit from a specified insurance policy. For example, a common unaddressed risk is mechanic’s errors and omissions. Insurance against this type of loss covers you when your technicians make a mistake.

Everyone has the potential to do something wrong during a repair job. That’s a simple fact of life. However, there are certain situations in which it makes sense from a financial perspective, that is to cover yourself against these losses. Our agents will work with you to decide if this type of policy is a wise decision based on the current stage of your company.

Third-Party Employee Practices

There are some exceptions, but many garages have at least one or two employees who may not necessarily have focused on developing their interpersonal skills. When a slightly rough demeanor brushes up against a customer who is under stress because of car trouble, there’s a possibility that things could be taken the wrong way.

Some times this results in someone from outside a customer, client or vendor, for example filing a claim against your company for harassment or discrimination. MIG provides policies to cover this type of external employee practices loss as well as support in preventing the situation from occurring in the first place.

Specific Insurance for Dealerships

There’s plenty you can do on an operations side to minimize these risks such as training employees or screening sales, trades and purchases. However when all else fails it’s good to know that you have something to fall back on. To summarize here are some of the key auto aftermarket program features:

  • Priority service from agents who know auto repair and work with the industry daily
  • Mechanics errors and omissions
  • False pretense
  • The opportunity to earn dividends.
  • No limit actual loss sustained coverage on customers auto’s
  • Employment practices liability, including 3rd party coverage
  • Loaner vehicle program review
  • Cyber Liability
  • Carriers that accept all lines of auto repair coverages
  • Multiple AM best A rated insurance

Midwest Insurance Group partners with Erie insurance, one of the nation’s leading auto and home insurers, with an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior).

The bottom line is that businesses that specialize in auto repair whether working with passenger autos or heavy trucks could benefit from a level of specialization above and beyond the typical insurance brokerage. MIG can bring that to you.

Please feel free to give us a call at 262-646-5777 .

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