As anyone involved in the industry knows, there’s a lot more than just fun and games to fitness, recreation, and sports. Businesses in this sector expose themselves to various risks on a daily basis. Midwest Insurance Group (MIG) knows the landscape and we are ready to support all types of sports and recreation businesses.

Recruit an Experienced Partner

Our agents and staff members already work with members of the fitness community on a daily basis. That means we understand both the operational and financial needs of a wide array of businesses.

Some of our clients have seasonal sports operations and require automatic off season reductions in their premiums to maintain a good cash insurance ratio. We service fitness centers that offer high impact training courses these clients benefit from a variety of risk reduction and loss coverage options related to personal injury. For the entire spectrum of businesses, from wilderness guides to sports arenas, we have options to cover every risk.

Secure Your Largest Risks

Many of our sports and fitness programs center around reliable personal injury liability coverage. After a meeting to analyze your operations and finances, our agents will recommend a customized portfolio of protections to cover you in the event somebody gets hurt. We have a variety of policies and carriers, that  we will suggest the best for your unique situation.

We also understand the complexities that sometimes come with the different employment statuses, unconventional facilities and other concerns unique to sports and fitness. When appropriate, we also recommend coverage for major loss potential in the form of damage to equipment, business continuity and so forth.

Protect Against the Unexpected

With so many obvious risks, it’s easy to overlook some of the more complex sources of loss your business might face. For example, one common issue in the fitness industry is data theft. Gyms often keep detailed records of membership to provide service for their clients. This can include sensitive information such as addresses and credit card numbers.

Outside hackers and internal employees alike could have their eyes on these valuable digital commodities. MIG can help by assessing your risk, developing loss reduction strategies and covering you should you experience a data breach.

Get the Right Package

There is more to our specialized fitness and recreation insurance program than can be listed here. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Automatic off season coverage levels
  • Industry targeted injury liability
  • Professional liability for coaches, trainers and others
  • Cyber Liability
  • Repair and maintenance to equipment
  • Business continuity
  • Premises liability for pools, gyms and other fitness businesses
  • Employee practices, including third-party
  • Custom safety support based on up to date regulatory material
  • Carriers that accept all lines of sports, fitness and recreation coverages
  • Multiple AM Best A rated insurance carriers

Midwest Insurance Group partners with Erie insurance, one of the nation’s leading auto and home insurers, with an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior).

Minimize Your Losses

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