There are a variety of unique risks in the real estate business. Ranging from sale and disposal protection for small, independent landlords to transactional insurance for commercial real estate brokerages with multinational concerns. Midwest Insurance Group (MIG) has a variety of policies to protect and grow organizations.

Working on Your Schedule

We understand that many real estate agencies and brokerages require timely insurance in order to secure deals and move the transaction process forward. At MIG, we go one step beyond quick risk assessment and underwriting to advise our clients on insurance-related issues surrounding any contract in question. That’s the benefit of having a dedicated real estate team at your disposal.

Covering Your Industry

We also provide services for a variety of types of property owners and operators. Some of our clients have diversified small business holdings that include real estate, therefore requiring some of the specialized policies available in this program. Others have portfolios of commercial or residential properties that need various property and liability coverage. Some examples all individuals or organizations that could take advantage of our real estate programs include:

  • Homeowners associations
  • Shopping center operators
  • Real estate developers
  • Single-building landlords
  • Infrastructure and pipeline owners
  • Business enterprises in manufacturing, warehousing, restaurant, and various other industries

Protecting Your Name

For many real estate organizations, reputation is everything. MIG helps you protect your reputation and foster trust in the simplest way possible, through continued success and reduced losses. For example, we have professional liability policies that could cover you in the event one of your agents made a mistake during a transaction. In the case of unscrupulous activity on either side of a deal, we have policies to cover your losses from fraud or other crimes.

Reducing Your Risk

We believe it’s just as important, if not more so, to prevent problems before they start. Our first step is an in-depth consultation. It’s only after we understand your operations that we suggest specific risk reduction strategies. Common examples include enhanced employee screening, state-of-the-art loss tracking, and education programs based on up-to-date industry standards. Then, to deal with your reduced risks, we offer a range of highly focused program elements, including:

  • Contingent liability on transactions
  • Contractual liability
  • Management and employee liability, including third-party employee practices
  • Fraud and other crime
  • Cyber Liability
  • Professional liability, including agents errors and omissions
  • Environmental and pollution
  • Standard and special property insurance
  • Landlord-tenant, including sale and disposal
  • Business continuity for property owners
  • Carriers that accept all lines of real estate coverages
  • Multiple AM Best A-rated insurance carriers

Midwest Insurance Group partners with Erie insurance, one of the nation’s leading auto and home insurers, with an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior).

Earning Your Trust

Your clients trust you because you earn it. It’s the same for us at MIG. With a dedicated real estate team, best-in-industry coverage, and smart, quick claims resolution, every one of our professional relationships is founded on service, built on trust. Please call now to set up your first appointment.

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