MIG understands the importance of protecting your community

Whether you are a condominium, cooperative or homeowner association, our team knows the challenges that occur in securing and maintaining a comprehensive, cost-effective insurance program.

How do you manage environmental exposures and dangers that could damage your property?

Our risk management tools will help you to identify fire dangers, manage mold exposures, and protect against other disasters that could cause significant damage to your property.

Is the stress of dealing with tenants taking a toll on you?
Manage your commercial or residential tenants with ease using our property management tools.

What are you doing to manage liabilities associated with property ownership?
From vacant property to attractive nuisances, to HOA foreclosures, we’ll help you mitigate and identify your potential liabilities, so you can focus on managing your real estate investments instead of worrying about the threat of a potential costly lawsuit.

We develop customized risk management solutions for clients of all sizes and complexities. Our agency works extensively with:

  • Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Developers

We provide a full range of casualty insurance, integrated property, and risk management services. These include reviewing insurance provisions in association documents and interpreting new legislation, as well as ensuring that your program meets the latest regulations and requirements.

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