Manufacturers often spend a lot of money on insurance. That makes sense in a sector with such a wide variety of risks. Working with an agency with deep knowledge of the industry and a commitment to learning about your specific business makes sure your insurance budget provides the protection you expect and need.

The Midwest Insurance Group (MIG) manufacturing niche-market program offers competitive pricing and best-in-class coverage offerings for the following manufacturing areas:

  • Food and beverage
  • Metal and Steel
  • Plastic
  • Wood and furniture
  • Equipment and machinery
  • Auto
  • Paper and printing
  • Electronics

Founded on Service, Built on Trust

We also top tier insurance solutions available for even the toughest and most specialized classes of manufacturing. Our outstanding agents and agency staff work with the manufacturing industry on a daily basis to make sure that each operation is underwritten on its own merits.

Insuring Manufacturing Processes

Many risks in manufacturing obviously come from the process of making products. Your equipment, material, and stock are probably all insured. However, you may also want consequential loss policies in place. More than a typical business continuation policy, consequential loss for manufacturing might cover secondary, financial losses for equipment breakdowns, bad material lots, and so on.

In some cases, production could come through good enough to sell just not with your name on it. MIG offers brands and labels coverage to protect your reputation while still recovering as much from your losses as possible.

Covering Complex Risks

Some of the most complicated risks in manufacturing involve parties outside of your own company. We have you covered no matter how complex the issues involved become.

On the organizational side, we offer third-party employees practices liability insurance to cover claims of discriminatory or otherwise actionable behavior coming from outside your team. On the manufacturing side, we have coverage for losing, damaging a pattern, die, or mold owned by someone else. These are just some of the risks we can identify, cover and help you reduce potential losses.

Securing Your Future

MIG is the insurance equivalent of a job shop. When you walk in our door, there’s no predetermined assembly line to put you through. We identify the needs of your business based on your manufacturing sector and your concerns. We then use the best options for the job, getting you solutions that work on a schedule that works for you. Here are some of the coverages and tools that we offer include:

  • Selling price valuation on stock
  • Patterns, dies, and molds including patterns, dies, and molds of others in your care
  • Product recall, including suspected defect
  • Consequential loss assumption coverage
  • Brands and labels
  • Contractual liability
  • Electronic OSHA log
  • Manufacturers’ errors and omissions from regional, national, and specialty carriers
  • Employment practices liability, including third-party coverage
  • Cyber Liability
  • Carriers that accept all lines of manufacturing coverages
  • Multiple AM Best A-rated insurance carriers.

When you come to MIG, you’ll see that we have a better way of doing business. Our approach is simple: Founded on Service, Built on Trust

Midwest Insurance Group partners with Erie insurance, one of the nation’s leading auto and home insurers, with an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior).

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