At Midwest Insurance Group (MIG), our mission is simple: helping you gain and maintain the financial stability you need to focus on your mission.  Whether your workday has you venturing into the most dangerous parts of the world or helping out right in your own backyard, we can help you identify and reduce risk and recover from unavoidable losses.

We understand that the not-for-profit sector is almost always all about people which is one of the constants we see across our clients in education, politics, health, religious services, community groups, outreach, and other niche areas. We can help you control the unique risks associated with irregular volunteer workforces, highly specialized staff requirements, critical leadership roles, and risk-prone operations.

Leadership Risks

In many nonprofit organizations, reputation is everything. Your partnerships, your fundraising efforts, and the support from your community all depend on the trust and faith that your mission and your organization generate.

In some cases, all of this can change rapidly if doubt is cast on a high-ranking member of your management or leadership. When a sincere apology and an exit from the organization are not enough, you may need to commit considerable resources to pivoting away and regaining the trust necessary to pursue your goals.

If this situation sounds like it could apply to your situation, you could benefit from a specialized policy protecting against losses related to management liability for your directors and officers. MIG can also provide programs to support your continuity strategies, making these and other unfortunate transitions easier.

Volunteer and Employment Risks

No matter how thoroughly you review applicants, you assume considerable risk when you accept volunteers. We can help you understand how to take responsibility for your own liability and educate your volunteers to take responsibility for theirs.

We also offer a variety of insurance products that should cover you in case of a loss related to volunteers or employees. Examples include employee practices coverage for harassment or discrimination, general crime, and physical and sexual molestation.

The first step we take at MIG is to take a look at your business, including your mission and your financial situation. After that, we recommend an affordable, focused program designed to reduce the risks associated with your specific workforce and operations. The end goal is to help you secure your goals against financial hardship.

Program Features

Chances are that you can do better than a standard business liability program even if it is one specialized for the nonprofit sector. You have access to a variety of specialized options through the MIG nonprofit and social services program, including:

  • Management liability for directors & officers
  • Seasonal coverage reduction
  • Volunteer and employee safety training support, when applicable
  • Crime coverage
  • Fiduciary liability
  • Professional liability
  • Employee practices, including third-party liability
  • Physical and sexual molestation
  • Volunteer participation accidental and medical expenses
  • Cyber Liability
  • Carriers providing all lines of nonprofit and social service coverage
  • Multiple AM Best A-rated carriers

Midwest Insurance Group partners with Erie insurance, one of the nation’s leading auto and home insurers, with an A.M. Best rating of A+ (Superior).

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