Wholesale Distributors Program

MIG Wholesale Distributors Program

One of your main suppliers suffers a fire loss and is unable to provide you with the stock your customers need now.  It’s a dilemma that no distributor want to face, but it happens. Your supplier’s loss is now going to cost you valued customers and saddle you with a shortage of sellable stock for the near future. Hopefully, your agent provided you with enough Contingent Business Interruption coverage!  Contingent Business Interruption is just one example of crucial coverage overlooked by insurance agents.  This coverage will cover your lost profits as well as expediting expenses to quickly obtain stock from another supplier to keep your customers happy.

Program Features

Keep your business & profits protected
– Midwest Insurance Group

When is the last time your agent talked to you about your product liability?  Normally, that is the manufacturer’s liability.  But if you are installing or servicing or using your own label, that product liability could fall on your business.  And, if the manufacturer is poorly insured or is financially unstable, your business could be on the hook for a portion of a product recall as well as product liability.

Your customers depend on you to provide product to keep their businesses running.  Keep your business and profits protected through Midwest Insurance Group’s Wholesale Distributor Programs.

Key Wholesale Distributor Program Features:

  • Agents and agency staff that work with the wholesale distributor industry on a daily basis
  • Selling Price Valuation on Stock
  • Product Recall including Suspected Defect
  • Consequential Loss Assumption coverage
  • Brands and Labels
  • Foreign Products Liability
  • Deferred Payments
  • Contractual Liabilities
  • Electronic OSHA Log
  • An industry-best offering of Manufacturers Errors and Omissions coverage options from our stable of Regional, National and Specialty Carriers.
  • Employment Practices Liability including 3rd Party Coverage
  • Priority service through our Award Winning Service Staff.
  • Industry leading Risk Management and Claims Management
  • Multiple AM BEST ‘A’ Rated insurance carriers that accept ALL LINES OF WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR COVERAGES
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