Contractor’s Insurance

Contractor’s Insurance

Contractor’s Insurance

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Even the most well-planned construction project has some uncertainties. Workers may sustain injuries.

Equipment may be damaged. Progress may be stalled. Materials may be stolen. Design errors may be found. All of which come with hefty costs. And while insurance is yet another expense, it will protect you from a devastating financial loss if an uncertainty materializes.

Midwest Insurance Group has placed insurance for large and small construction companies and helped control their cost of coverage by providing effective safety and risk management.

We know what occupational, environmental, and financial uncertainties threaten construction projects through years of serving: 

  • Commercial subcontractors

  • Homebuilders

  • Public works contractors

  • Industrial contractors

  • Utility contractors

  • Trade contractors

  • Commercial general contractors

  • Street and road contractors

Common Construction Coverages

  • Property

  • Builder’s Risk

  • General Liability

  • Commercial Auto

  • Contractors Pollution

  • Professional Liability

  • Umbrella Liability

  • Surety Bonds

  • Owners and Contractors Protective

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Owner Controlled Insurance Policy (OCIP)/Wrap-up

Risk Management

Safety programs can help control and even lower your insurance costs. Our risk consultants offer jobsite safety training to help reduce the severity and frequency of accidents, thereby reducing claims and improving your loss ratio to minimize increases in your insurance premiums. We also train in OSHA, so when accidents do happen, you have proper record keeping procedures that keep you compliant to avoid fines.

Your Experience Modification Rating (EMR) is used to calculate your workers’ compensation premium by comparing your expected and actual losses based on factors like company size and industry. Controlling your EMR is the key to controlling your insurance cost. We will put you in a position of control by reviewing your EMR to ensure accuracy and help improve safety programs to reduce your number of losses.

Many construction agreements contain language that can expose you to additional risk that may or may not be insurable. MIG will examine the liability you assume in contracts and advise on the options you have to lessen, avoid, and transfer liability with changes to contractual language or your insurance policies. Our in-house services can also help to validate your subcontractors’ certificates to ensure they meet the insurance stipulations in your contracts so you don’t have undue liability.

“We are happy with the competitive rates and excellent service we receive from Midwest Insurance Group. Jeremy has helped us manage our insurance needs and costs from start to finish and we have a great relationship with everyone at their Delafield location.”

Debbie Gast | Vector Electrical Contractors, Inc.

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