Industry Focus

Condominium/ Habitational/ Real Estate Insurance

MIG understands the importance of protecting your community. Whether you are a condominium,cooperative or homeowner association, our team knows the challenges in securing and maintaining a comprehensive, cost-effective insurance program..

We develop customized risk management solutions for clients of all sizes and complexities. Our agency works extensively with:

  • Owners
  • Developers
  • Property Managers

Nonprofit & Social Service Insurance

Risk Strategies provides advice and insurance solutions to a wide range of non-profit organizations.

Aswith for-profit organizations, non-profits face a variety of risks. But the risks and circumstances of non-profits can at times differ significantly from those faced by commercial enterprises. Our experience allows us to more effectively address these issues so that our non-profit clients can focus on their mission.

Transportation Insurance

Transportation and trucking companies face dynamic risks. And because of that, whether they transport goods across town or across country, employ contract drivers or staff drivers, own vehicles or lease them, many are not adequately covered.

At MIG, our team of offers tailored insurance programs that go well beyond basic liability and property coverage. Our programs cover cargo in transit, passenger liability, valuable records, environmental damages and employee theft. We can include specialized single-haul coverages, benefits packages and risk mitigation programs such as driver log review. We give transportation companies the protection and guidance they need to ensure smooth hauling ahead.

Food and Beverage Insurance

Whether you are in the business of food manufacturing, food distributing, a brewery or distillery, or a restaurant owner, you need an agency that understands the various exposures that you will face on a day to day basis.

The extremely high level of competition among restaurants makes it imperative to have a plan in place should a loss occur. The specialized insurance professionals atMIG combined with our risk management consultant allows our clients to rest assured that their needs have been met.

Contractor’s Insurance

Even the most well-planned construction project has some uncertainties. Workers may sustain injuries.

Equipment may be damaged. Materials may be stolen. Progress may be stalled. Design errors may be found. All of which come with hefty costs. And while insurance is yet another expense, it will protect you from a devastating financial loss if an uncertainty materializes.

Manufacturing Insurance

Insurance solutions aren’t manufactured on an assembly line. You need a custom program developed around the needs of your business, and the team at MIG can deliver just that.

Our experienced staff understands the nuances of all types of manufacturing and the complex sets of risk inherent to each. More importantly, we know how to leverage this understanding to offer competitive solutions that balance risk and value to protect your business, workforce and products today and well into the future.Plus, our offerings to manufacturing clients go beyond insurance solutions. We have the ability to assist with a wide array of technical services including Safety Training, OSHA Compliance, Loss and Risk Analysis, and Alternative Risk Options.

Small Business Insurance

At MIG we understand that small business owners face complex challenges on a daily basis.

We have specialists dedicated to the needs of small businesses, and insurance products designed specifically with them in mind.

As a small business owner, your focus is on operating and maintaining your business. Our team provides you with a comprehensive, cost-effective and individually tailored insurance program. We are committed to the success of your business, to protecting your most valuable assets, and to developing a lasting relationship.

Wholesale Distribution Insurance

MIG has the resources to develop a comprehensive risk management program for you.

We offer specialized programs that fill the gaps that often exist in standard policies. Regardless of the specific industry within the distribution realm, we recognize “off-the-shelf’ policies can leave businesses vulnerable in time of need. To arrange a meeting, please contact us.

Automotive Industry Insurance

MIG has been working with customers in the automotive industry since the formation of our agency in 1998.

MIG provides insurance, risk management and employee benefits for numerous automotive-related accounts, including auto repair, garages, body shops and auto dealerships. Our strong relationships with a large and diverse group of national, regional and niche insurance carriers enable us to negotiate the most competitive coverage and pricing for our clients.