In the words of Dorothy, there’s no place like home. That’s why Midwest Insurance Group takes the job of providing protection to homeowners so seriously. We are an independent agency that has been providing excellent home insurance to Jefferson and the wider Southeast Wisconsin area for nearly twenty years.

Why have the people of Jefferson placed their trust in Midwest Insurance Group for so long? That is because we have built our business on a foundation of trust and great service. We know that there is nothing more important than protecting your home and loved ones.

We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service that we provide our customers with. As a Midwest Insurance Group customer, you will be equipped with all of the information and support that you could need to make informed choices about your homeowner’s insurance. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are only a phone call away.

Homeowner’s Insurance In Jefferson

Whether you have made your home near the Rock River; along Main Street, Whitewater Road, Jackson; or anywhere else in the charming City of Jefferson, you can trust in MIG’s expertise to help you get the very best homeowner’s insurance available, at prices that you will appreciate.

What types of policies does Midwest Insurance Group offer for your homeowner’s insurance plan? We can help you design a plan that matches your needs perfectly. Below are some of the coverage options available to you. As always, we are happy to assist you in navigating them.

Dwelling Coverage

In the event that your house or primary residence is damaged or destroyed, a dwelling coverage policy would help to reimburse you for the expenses. For example, if a family makes a mistake with the toaster, causing the house to burn down, dwelling coverage will help you to rebuild. If a hailstorm damages the structure of your house, dwelling coverage will cover the costs of the repairs. Choosing good dwelling coverage is an important part of having a solid and secure homeowner’s insurance plan. Midwest Insurance Group can help you get the best dwelling coverage at a competitive rate.

Other Structures Coverage

What if a tornado damages your fence? Or what if a flood damages your shed? This is where other structures coverage comes into play. This type of policy protects the small buildings and structures outside of your primary residence. It can even help protect your gazebo or your mailbox. If you are wondering about the kinds of structures that might be covered by an other structures policy, feel free to give Midwest Insurance Group a call at any time. Our knowledgeable agents would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Personal Property Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance can also protect your belongings, such as your appliances and furniture, your valuables, your instruments, and other things that you own and keep in your home. If your personal property is lost, damaged, or destroyed, you will be grateful to have a good personal property coverage policy in your corner. Personal property coverage can ensure that your belongings can be replaced in the event that they are stolen or damaged in an incident that is covered by your policy.

Loss of Use Coverage

In some cases, house repairs can take a long time. After some disasters, a house may even need to be rebuilt entirely. Imagine you are spending a fun day with your family at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival. You head home to find that someone accidentally left a burner on, resulting in a fire. Your house needs extensive repairs, which are thankfully covered by your homeowner’s insurance plan.

What about the cost of living elsewhere while your house is being repaired? Loss of use coverage is a policy that reimburses you for accommodations and other expenses resulting from not being able to live in your home while it is being repaired. Midwest Insurance Group can help you find a low-cost loss of use coverage to include in your plan.

Liability Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance can protect you in situations in which you are legally obligated to cover certain expenses. If someone gets sick or injured on your property, you might become responsible for paying any hospital bills. Property damage that occurs in your home can also incur expenses. Liability coverage is designed to cover those costs.

Medical Payments Coverage

There may be instances in which an individual suffers a minor or low-risk injury or illness on your property. In such cases, you might not be legally obligated to pay for medical expenses, but a medical payments coverage plan can still help cover the costs. With a medical payments coverage policy, you can rest assured knowing that the costs of ambulance rides, small hospital bills, and other such expenses could be covered in the event that someone gets hurt on your property.

Coverage Enhancements

We have described several common policies included in a homeowner’s insurance plan. But perhaps you have special coverage requirements. Worry not, Midwest Insurance Group offers enhanced coverage policies to our customers. For example, we offer special floater insurance for jewelry and antiques. This might appeal to you if you have inherited a valuable collection of jewelry. We also offer other coverage enhancements, such as policies designed to protect you from the potentially exorbitant costs or sewer and drain troubles. Guaranteed replacement cost is a policy that can reimburse you in full in the event that home repairs exceed your dwelling coverage limit. Our friendly agents can tell you all about the various coverage enhancements we provide.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an affordable type of policy that can be added to your plan to provide additional security. You can think of it as an umbrella that stays in the closet until you need it to protect you from the rain. Umbrella insurance can kick in if you exceed the coverage amount stipulated by your insurance plan policies. So, for example, if damage costs were to exceed your dwelling coverage, you would not have to worry about paying out of pocket, because umbrella insurance could pay for the rest.

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