Are you looking for great auto insurance in Milwaukee? You need to look no further than Midwest Insurance Group. We are an independent agency that is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent insurance plans at the best rates.

Midwest Insurance Group is proud to serve the City of Milwaukee and the surrounding area. Our top priority is providing the communities we serve with the best products, services, and care available. Our business is built on a foundation of trust and excellent customer service. That is why so many Milwaukeeans choose our agency to fulfill their insurance needs.

As a Midwest Insurance Group customer, you will enjoy the reliable assistance of our team of knowledgeable agents. We can help you design an insurance plan; choose which kinds of policies work best for you, and manage your claims. We are also available to answer any questions you might have.

Auto Insurance In Milwaukee

Midwest Insurance Group offers a range of auto insurance products to help cover expenses incurred by car accidents and other vehicle-related incidents. Our passion is putting our expertise to work in getting you the best protection at affordable rates. Whether you are driving to the Third Ward for a day of fun, heading to the Pabst for a concert, or just taking a spin along Old World 3rd Street, you can rest assured that we are in your corner.

Thousands of car accidents happen in Milwaukee every year. Fortunately, Midwest Insurance Group is only a phone call away and we are happy to assist you in the event of a vehicle-related incident. Should you experience a car accident, an MIG auto insurance plan would provide you with the best coverage available. Our business is built upon a strong foundation of trust and excellent service.

You can rest assured that Midwest Insurance Group will provide you with the best auto insurance plan available, at the very best rates. All you would have to do is contact Midwest Insurance Group and one of our agents would make sure that your claims are handled properly and answer any questions you might have.

Below is some information about auto insurance coverage policies that our Midwest Insurance Group agents would be happy to help you navigate:

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is central to any auto insurance plan. This is a policy that protects you in the event that your vehicle collides with another vehicle or with an object. A good collision coverage policy will provide great coverage for collision-caused damages, at an affordable rate. Midwest Insurance Group is ready to equip you with the best collision coverage policy available.

Liability Coverage

Part of being a human being is making mistakes. That is why the state of Wisconsin requires all motorists to have liability insurance. This type of policy helps cover the costs of property damage or bodily injury to the other party in an accident caused by you. At Midwest Insurance Group, we can help protect you financially, even when you are at fault. We can help you find an auto insurance plan that includes great liability coverage to meet state requirements. We can also answer any questions you have after an accident, and we can help you manage your claims.

Medical Payments Coverage

How can auto insurance help in the event that you or your passenger is harmed in an auto accident? Midwest Insurance Group can help you design an auto insurance plan that will assist in paying hospital expenses and other medical costs resulting from an auto accident. Medical payments coverage can help pay for medical co-pays, ambulance fees, and some procedural costs. In many cases, it can also cover some funeral expenses. Many people include medical payments coverage in their auto insurance plans in order to ensure that they would not have unmanageable medical bills in the event of an accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Do you know anyone whose car was stolen? Has your windshield ever been damaged by flying debris from the road? These are a couple of examples of costly incidents that would not be covered by collision coverage. Adding a comprehensive coverage policy to your auto insurance plan can help ensure that damage, loss, and bodily injury from natural disasters, animal collisions, vehicle theft, and other incidents would be included in your coverage.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Despite Wisconsin’s laws and requirements regarding auto insurance, not every motorist is responsible enough to equip themselves with a plan that can sufficiently cover costs. Some drivers do not even have any auto insurance at all. Fortunately, you do not have to suffer financially at the hands of an uninsured or underinsured driver.

In the event that you find yourself in a car accident with a driver who does not have auto insurance, or with someone who does not have sufficient coverage to meet expenses, Midwest Insurance Group is prepared to help. We can provide you with an uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage policy to reimburse you in such an instance. This kind of policy is popular because it can protect you from the irresponsibility of other motorists on the road.

Umbrella Insurance

In addition to the above policies, Midwest Insurance Group also offers umbrella insurance. This is a policy that serves as an extra layer of protection in the event that costs from an accident or incident exceed your auto insurance limits. Suppose you are in a car accident that results in your being liable for $300,000 in property damage expenses, but your auto insurance plan covers only $250,000 of those expenses. With an umbrella insurance policy, the remaining expenses could still be covered. Including umbrella insurance in your plan can be a great way of achieving extra peace of mind with your auto insurance. Contact one of our friendly agents today to discuss umbrella insurance options.

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