Knowing that your home is protected by a reliable homeowner’s insurance plan is priceless. It can also be very affordable, thanks to Midwest Insurance Group, an independent agency that is dedicated to providing excellent insurance to our customers at great rates.

Midwest Insurance Group has proudly served Milwaukee and the surrounding area for nearly two decades. We are passionate about providing great customer service so that you can rest easy in the knowledge that someone is available to help, should you need assistance in choosing a homeowner’s insurance plan or in managing your claims. At MIG, we have built our business on a foundation of trust and excellent customer service.

If you are searching for an agency that is equipped with the resources to get you the very best insurance, then you have come to the right place. Whether you have made your home in Bay View, the Historic Third Ward, Metcalfe Park, Yankee Hill, Franklin Heights, or any of Milwaukee’s other lively neighborhoods, you can rest assured that Midwest Insurance Group is prepared to help you get the very best homeowner’s insurance plan for your needs.

What kinds of policies can Midwest Insurance Group help you to navigate? A solid homeowner’s insurance plan includes various different policies, each of which is designed to protect you under different circumstances. One might protect you in the event that you are liable for another person’s injury on your property. Another might provide coverage if your shed is damaged. Our knowledgeable agents can ensure that the process of selecting policies and designing an insurance plan is as easy as possible. We are happy to help, and we are just a phone call away.

Below, you will find information about some of the homeowner’s insurance coverage policies that Midwest Insurance Group can help you navigate.

Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage is a policy that protects you in the event of physical damage to your home. It is central to any homeowner’s insurance plan. If your basement is damaged by summer floods, dwelling insurance can help to reimburse you. If your roof is damaged by winter snow, dwelling insurance can help cover the costs. While other policies in a home insurance plan might be more or less important to an individual based on their needs and circumstances, dwelling insurance is always crucial.

Other Structures Coverage

Can homeowner’s insurance cover damage to your garage or other permanent structures outside of your primary residence? If you include an other structures coverage policy to your plan, then the answer is yes. Other structures coverage ensures that any other permanent structures that you might have, such as sheds and fences, are covered by your plan. If the incident that caused the damage is covered by your policy, then the costs or repair and replacement can be reimbursed to you.

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage pays for loss or damage to the personal belongings that you keep in your home. This can include your furniture, your appliances, your tools, musical instruments, and other belongings. Coverage limits for this kind of policy can depend upon the value of your belongings. Whether you have a minimal number of belongings, or your house is filled with all kinds of collectibles, investments, and valuables, Midwest Insurance Group can help you find the personal property coverage policy that is right for you.

Loss of Use Coverage

Some house-threatening incidents are more severe than others. Imagine spending a day enjoying the Wild Lights at the Milwaukee County Zoo with your family, and going home to find that a burst pipe has flooded your home, requiring extensive repairs. Your plan may cover the cost of the repairs, but what about the cost of having to stay in a hotel for a week while repairs were completed? Loss of use coverage can reimburse you for such expenses. It can even pay for restaurant meals and other accommodations while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Liability Coverage

A good home insurance plan will ensure that, in the event that you are liable for injury or property damage that occurs on your property, you would be financially protected. Liability coverage can cover medical bills and property damage expenses under such circumstances. So, if a neighbor were to slip on your sidewalk in the wintertime, your liability coverage policy could pay for the expenses. Midwest Insurance Group’s insurance agents know all about liability coverage and would be happy to share their expertise to help you choose a policy that is right for you.

Medical Payments Coverage

While liability coverage can take care of a more serious injury or more expensive hospital bills, medical payments coverage can help with lower-risk injuries, such as cuts and ambulance rides. Medical payments coverage covers minor medical expenses resulting from sickness or injury that occurs on your property. This policy can pay for medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. Many Milwaukeeans include medical payments coverage in their plans in order to add value to their policies, as well as peace of mind.

Coverage Enhancements

Choosing Midwest Insurance Group to help design your homeowner’s insurance plan comes with the benefit of getting a variety of products and policy options to choose from. If you have any special concerns or needs regarding your home insurance, we are happy to address them. We offer special floater insurance for jewelry and antiques. We also offer special coverage for sewer and drain backup, as well as guaranteed replacement cost, which can help with very high damage costs.

Umbrella Insurance

Midwest Insurance Group customers also have access to umbrella insurance, a policy that serves to protect you in the event that your coverage limits are exceeded. Umbrella insurance is an inexpensive option that can grant you peace of mind in the knowledge that should a particularly expensive accident or incident exceed your coverage, you would not have to pay out of pocket.

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