Umbrella Insurance

You’ve purchased $250,000 limits on your auto insurance. Why would you need more coverage than that? Let’s get serious for a minute. If you were found to be at fault in an auto accident where an occupant in another vehicle suffered permanent disability due to injuries, your $250,000 limit won’t go too far. In another scenario, a neighborhood girl is playing on the trampoline in your yard along with your children. She falls off and suffers a serious back injury that significantly reduces her ability to use her legs.

Coverage For Every Day Risks

These are unfortunate injuries and many times don’t involve recklessness on anyone’s part, yet the liability for the accident can fall on you. If the limits you have on your auto insurance or home insurance policies are all you have, that protection could be eaten up by legal defense costs, jury awards for long-term medical care, loss of quality of life, and the loss of future earnings by the injured party.

Personal Umbrella policies are inexpensive and provide an extra layer of protection if your underlying auto or home policy limits are exhausted. Many umbrella policies cost less than a family night out with dinner and a movie at the theater and have broader coverage than the auto and home insurance policies.

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