At Midwest Insurance Group, we know that there is nothing more important than keeping our homes safe and secure. That is why the people of Watertown have trusted us to provide them with great homeowner’s insurance at the best rates for nearly twenty years.

We take the job of protecting your home and your loved ones very seriously. In an unpredictable world, we can offer security by helping you obtain an excellent insurance plan. Our knowledgeable agents can ensure that you get a plan that provides all of the coverage you need for your home, at competitive rates. We are just a phone call away.

So, why does Watertown trust Midwest Insurance Group to provide the best homeowner’s insurance at the best rates? It is because we have a great deal of experience in helping people design and manage policies that work for them. As an independent agency dedicated to Southeastern Wisconsin’s communities, one of our greatest strengths is providing our customers with the best rates available. We also pride ourselves in providing exemplary customer service.

Whether you have made your home in Haven or Hidde, or on Rusch Road, Welsh Road, Meadowbrook Drive, or anywhere else in the charming City of Watertown, you can trust in the experience and expertise of Midwest Insurance Group to get you the very best homeowner’s insurance available.

So, what kinds of coverage options can Midwest Insurance Group provide? A solid homeowner’s insurance plan is made up of a variety of different policies, each designed to cover costs under different circumstances. Below are some of the coverage options that we can offer to ensure that your plan fits your needs perfectly.

Dwelling Coverage

The most basic and important policy in a homeowner’s insurance plan is dwelling coverage. This type of coverage pays for expenses incurred when your primary residence is damaged. Whether you live in a cottage, a bungalow, a mobile home, a mansion, a condo, or even the Octagon House itself, Midwest Insurance Group’s dwelling coverage policies can ensure that if your home is damaged, you will be reimbursed.

Other Structures Coverage

Dwelling coverage does not include garages, sheds, mailboxes, or other structures that are on your property. However, structures that are outside of your primary residence can still be covered by an other structures coverage policy. Supposing debris from a tornado damages your garage. Other structures coverage could pay for the expenses of the repairs. This type of policy may even help protect fences, gazebos, and some treehouses.

Personal Property Coverage

A good personal property coverage policy can be a great and very valuable component of your homeowner’s insurance plan. This is a policy that can reimburse you in the event that your belongings are damaged or destroyed in a fire, during a storm or natural disaster, or as the result of a covered incident. It can also pay to replace belongings that have been stolen from your house. Furniture, appliances, valuables, and other belongings that you keep at home can be covered by a good personal property coverage policy.

Loss of Use Coverage

Repairing and rebuilding a home can sometimes take weeks or months. Under such circumstances, an individual or family might not have access to their home for quite a long time. Staying in hotels and eating in restaurants while your home is being repaired or rebuilt does not have to result in unmanageable bills. Loss of use coverage makes sure that in such an event, you would not be forced to pay for the extra living costs out of your own pocket. Loss of coverage can remove some of the stress during what can be very stressful times until your home is once again ready to be occupied.

Liability Coverage

What if a branch from a tree in your yard breaks in a storm and damages your neighbor’s property, and you are deemed to be financially responsible? If your homeowner’s insurance plan includes liability coverage, it may be able to help. Liability coverage covers expenses in situations in which you are legally liable for property damage or injury that occurs on your property.

Medical Payments Coverage

What if your house guest gets sick in your kitchen and you wish to help pay for the resulting hospital bills? Even if you are not legally obligated to pay, medical payments coverage may be able to cover the expenses. This is a policy that kicks in when a minor or low-risk injury or illness happens in your home. Many people add this policy to their home insurance plan because it is an inexpensive way to ensure that injuries and illnesses would not result in unexpected costs.

Coverage Enhancements

As a Midwest Insurance Group customer, you would enjoy the benefit of having a variety of policy options to make sure that you get the best coverage available to perfectly meet your needs. In addition to more standard policies, we can provide you with any of a number of coverage enhancements. For example, if you have a large jewelry collection, we can provide you with special floater insurance for jewelry and antiques. If drain problems are an issue in your home, we can offer special coverage for sewer and drain backup. We can also offer guaranteed replacement costs to ensure that you do not have to pay if you exceed your dwelling coverage. If you have any special considerations as a homeowner, Midwest Insurance Group can help you find the perfect coverage enhancements.

Umbrella Insurance

At Midwest Insurance Group, we also offer a helpful policy called umbrella insurance. What does umbrella insurance do? It provides an extra layer of protection in the event that unforeseen costs exhaust your home insurance limits. Like an umbrella, it can be a welcome form of protection on a rainy day. Many of our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with including umbrella insurance in their homeowner’s insurance plans.

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