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Wholesale Distribution Insurance

Wholesale Distribution Insurance

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Midwest Insurance Group has the resources to develop a comprehensive risk management program fit for you.

We offer specialized programs that fill the gaps that often exist in other standard policies. Regardless of the specific industry within the distribution realm, we recognize that “off-the-shelf’ policies can leave businesses vulnerable in their time of need.

Midwest Insurance Group focuses on all of your enterprise risks including potentially complex business interruption issues, product recall, and employee safety concerns in an effort to assist you in evaluating these exposures in your risk management plan. Allow us to tailor a program that fits your individual needs, no matter how great or how small.

Is your broker taking proactive steps to help you lower your workers’ comp premiums?

We can help you control costs and reduce claims by streamlining reporting procedures, establishing a written safety policy, implementing a return to work program, and identifying top loss sources.

How effective is your return to work program?

The evidence is clear: the longer a claim stays open, the more it will cost you. We can help you implement a worthwhile return to work program that provides employees with appropriate care and facilitates quick recovery.

Did you know that businesses see a $4 to $6 return on every dollar invested in safety and health?

Our employee safety materials will help you promote a safety-minded workplace. We can provide flyers, bulletins, newsletters, and a comprehensive worker safety manual and more to help make safety a top priority.

“We moved our business to Midwest Insurance Group because Jeremy helped us significantly reduce our Premiums. We stay with Midwest for a few reasons. First, the support team is friendly, responsive and pleasure to work with. Second, Midwest provides us with additional support, like helping us with the update to our safety plans, for example. Third, Jeremy helps keep our insurance costs as low as possible while making sure we have the right coverages.”

Jon Ove | Century Springs

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